The REST story...

Example frontpage imageResource Energy Systems Technologies, Inc. (REST) was formed to market worldwide innovative products that significantly reduce the energy consumption on AC induction motors under a variable or lightly loaded condition and in cooling and refrigeration systems.

The Resource Energy Controller™ is based on a proven technology that delivers 15% to 45% energy savings in appropriate applications. A technology that until today was ahead of its time, but now is positioned to address a major global concern: how to significantly reduce the amount of fossil-based fuels used as well as the associated electric energy being consumed that might otherwise be freed-up for other uses. This technology utilizes a motor controller  based on a NASA invention that was developed for energy conservation of AC motors on board spacecraft. NASA was granted a patent (number 4,266,177) by the US Patent and Trademark Office on May 5th 1981. REST team members first commercialized this invention that became an exclusive license arrangement based on the success of their controller. The patent has since expired and is now in the public domain.

However, since the commercialization of the NASA controller, REST team members have made a number of innovations that are kept as trade secrets, and are currently available through REST. In particular, these innovations have led to a controller that can be used across a larger range of end-use applications and different motor sizes with minimal modifications. Another group of innovations has led to a decrease in manufacturing costs of the controllers. These improvements, along with the increasing cost of electricity, now make the Resource Energy Controller™ a compelling economical offering to our customers using AC motors. Our customers can expect a return on investment (ROI) of two years at 10 cents per kilowatt-hour electricity rate. Note that many heavy industrial areas are above that rate (and rising rapidly), further shortening expected ROI.

In 2007, REST teamed up with MicroAir Services to offer PermaFrost™, a highly thermo-conductive compound that is applied to the refrigerant circuit of air conditioning and refrigeration systems to significantly improve heat transfer rate. Energy savings range, on average, between 10% and 25%.