Resource Energy Systems Technologies, Inc.

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REST is a global energy solutions provider that offers unique technology-based products that have proven to significantly reduce energy consumption in two target markets:

AC induction motors that are under variable load or lightly loaded conditions.

Cooling and refrigeration systems.

Energy savings in appropriate applications range from 15% to 45% and can be obtained without replacing any existing hardware. And, this energy can be saved without affecting system performance in any way, whether it is for industrual and commercial entities or ordinary households.

REST is committed to a Greener Social-Economic and Global Environment by offering technical-based products that will reduce energy consumption, reduce global oil dependency, and reduce greenhouse gas emission. 

Featured Product: The Resource Energy Controller™

Example frontpage imageAs energy costs continue to rise, companies are challenged to keep costs in line without affecting productivity or normal conveniences. Electric motors account for a majority of energy use. Across the United States there are more than 2 billion active motors consuming 60% of all energy used.

The Resource Energy Controller™ is an innovative product that significantly reduces energy consumption on AC induction motors under variable or lightly loaded conditions. It is based on proven technology initially developed by NASA for energy conservation on space specifically tailored by REST for manufacturing, air conditioning, refrigeration, and people conveyance industries. Features include:

Larger motors (5 horsepower and above) are found in industrial applications, people conveyance, and materials handling systems.  Smaller single phase motors may be found in major appliances, commercial refrigeration systems, and vending machines. Many of these motors are under a variable load and the characteristics of an A/C induction motor is to consume most of the energy delivered to it whether converted to actual work or not. Excess energy is usually converted to heat or vibration. This technology reduces the amount of voltage delivered to a motor to correspond with its work load at any instant in time and thus save energy in these applications.

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Featured Product: PermaFrost™ 

Example frontpage imageEnergy expenditures for cooling or refrigeration typically represent a significant portion of the total energy consumed in a retail or commercial location. First introduced in Asia and Australia and is now exclusively marketed in Asia by the Carrier Corporation, Hong Kong, PermaFrost™ increases the efficiency of any brand and type of air conditioning, cooling or refrigeration system (both commercial and residential). It is quick, non-disruptive, and cost efficient way to significantly reduce energy costs associated with cooling systems. Features include:

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